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Countdown to second Arthemis launch begins

At the Kennedy Space Centre, NASA's Arthemis 1 will be set to launch on Saturday.

The countdown began after a meeting on September 1st when they proposed a launch on Saturday. There is a 2 hour window which could possibly see the rocket launch between. According to NASA, there will be a 60% chance that there will be acceptable weather for the launch.

This will be the 2nd launch attempt for the Arthemis 1 rocket due a bleed within engine 3 in the rocket on the initial launch date which was the 29th of August.

Due to a bad censor scanning the engine, it was unnoticed until the test launch began.

The current launch is scheduled to be Saturday September 3rd but if not, it will be relocated to September 5th which has a 70% chance of suitable weather.

This is NASA's most ambitious project ever with their ambitions to send humans to the moon and eventually Mars.

Arthemis 1 is currently the most powerful rocket in the history of space exploration, NASA will be streaming the launch on their website so be sure to tune in as it will make astronomy history.

We will publish updates soon with information on the situation and when there is a fully guaranteed launch.

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