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NASA could launch Artemis launch on Friday

NASA are set to reschedule the Artemis 1 launch to Friday the 2nd of September.

Due to an issue with engine 3 on board the spacecraft found on the lead up to the launch, NASA were forced to reschedule the flight to a later date.

According to NASA engineers, there was a hydrogen bleed inside the engine, which could have resulted in some major issues.

NASA officials say that Friday the 2nd of September is a definite possibility but there has not been a guaranteed day set just yet.

It may be pushed back to September 6th due to the engine bleed, but for now there is hope for a September 2nd launch.

Artemis 1 will be the most powerful rocket in history. NASA hopes that this project can create an impact in Space history with this mission.

The end goal for this mission is to hopefully get humans onto the moon for the first time in 50 years, and eventually to Mars.

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