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New most powerful telescope has had it's first images released!

Today (July the 12th) NASA released their first images from the James Webb space telescope.

The following images from the James Webb space telescope the new most powerful telescope ever created are some of the best quality images of space we have ever visualised...

'The southern ring nebula'

This is a beautiful image to look at. The southern ring nebula scientifically called NGC 3132 is located around 2,000 lightyears away from Earth. It was chosen as one of the 5 objects to be observed firsthand by the James Webb space telescope.

'Smacs 0723'

Is a cluster of galaxies located about 5.12 billion light years away. It was the target of the first full-colour image to be unveiled by the James Webb Space Telescope, imaged using NIRCam.

'Stephan's quintet'

Stephan's quintet is a well-know group of galaxies some 290 million light-years away. Four of them are relatively close to one another, "locked in a cosmic dance of repeated close encounters".

'The Carina nebula'

The Carina nebula is located around 7,000 lightyears from Earth. You can see a star being born and this image reveals this a lot clearer than Hubble.

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