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After 25 years of work and $10 Billion, James Webb telescope is launched

A historic week for science as the James Webb telescope is launched.

The worlds most powerful telescope was launched from French Guiana in the early hours of Saturday, A mission that will see hundreds of times deeper into the universe than we have ever seen.

Launched on Christmas day, the mission will take 29 days and has to preform perfect manoeuvres to keep on track.

SpaceX launches final mission for 2021

Rounding out SpaceX's 31 launches this year, it beat last years launch number by 5 and setting a company record, The Falcon 9 rocket carried cargo to the ISS, and Christmas dinner such as Turkey among 6,500 pounds of cargo.

Out of the 31 launches, 16 were Starlink missions and three crewed missions.

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